040 | Bryan Garris (Knocked Loose)

The latest episode of clown’s conversation series features a discussion rooted in mentorship as the veteran shares a lifetime of rock wisdom with the emerging frontman.

039 | Max Cavalera

The metal icon shares the start of his latest project with his son Igor Amadeus, revisits the lasting impact of Sepultura, and emphasizes that his love for the music is as strong as ever.

038 | Tom Wagner (Space Scientist)

Planetary scientist Tom Wagner and clown discuss how research and planning are helping humanity find new and exciting ways to combat global problems in 2021.

037 | Nergal (Behemoth)

The architect behind Behemoth checks in with clown to dissect the era of Covid, assess what normal will be post-pandemic, and celebrate the silver lining in being able to hit the reset button during the downtime.

036 | Murphy Quint (Cedar Ridge Head Distiller)

The master craftsman shares what he loves most about the process of making whiskey and connects with his collaborative partner clown in a conversation that touches on everything from their shared love of Iowa to important role of Paul Gray.

035 | Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies)

When not on tour with Butcher Babies, Carla Harvey works as a grief counselor and an end of life specialist. In a candid conversation with clown, the multi-talent talks finality, closure, and dealing with loss in a way that is healthy and productive.

034 | Perry Farrell

The first video interview of the conversation series welcomes the iconic frontman for a discussion that ranges from free love, to fuck politics, to making the world a better place through art and music.

033 | Kyle Anderson (Brand of Sacrifice)

The frontman for Canadian deathcore outfit Brand of Sacrifice details how anime and manga led him to explore extremity in metal, taught him to appreciate art with an edge, and created a deep respect for dark art with real narrative.

032 | Dev Hynes (Blood Orange)

A creative contributor that has had a profound impact on the contemporary climate of music, Hynes’ ability to challenge expectations and blur genre lines has made him a force that has permeated throughout the sphere of music as well as film and television – which as of late has consumed his workload.

028 | Caleb Shomo (Beartooth)

The frontman and architect of Beartooth checks in for a conversation with the clown that touches on the musicians’ shared love of AC/DC, Japanese culture, and the gratification of making music the good old fashioned way.

027 | Brendon Small (Comedian + Musician)

The multi-talented Brendon Small steps into the Electric Theater to share how learning play guitar offered an enduring life lesson from a very early age – you get outta life what you decide to invest into it.

026 | Tatiana Shmayluk (JINJER)

One of heavy music’s most intriguing vocalists talks anthropocentrism, aliens, and how being a front woman in metal challenged her to embrace her femininity.

025 | Doyle (Misfits) + Alissa (Arch Enemy)

Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy and Doyle Von Frankenstein join the clown in the Electric Theater for a candid conversation that explores the psychology behind dressing for the job you want, the tribal subconscious of online naysayers, and the double standard that exists between men and women in metal.

024 | Bert McCracken (The Used)

Bert McCracken of The Used guests on the latest episode of The Electric Theater for a weighty discussion about the physical and psychological benefits of cannabis. Detailing his involvement in Five Star Extracts, the magnetic frontman serves as an articulate advocate for responsible consumption. Offering thought-provoking talking points that lean on de-stigmatizing cannabis, the conversation ranges from the war on drugs to mental health in a way that both pragmatic and progressive.

023 | Chris Santos

Accomplished chef, restauranteur, and metal enthusiast Chris Santos joins clown for a session in the Electric Theater. Discussing his tenure as a judge on The Food Network’s Chopped, his humble start in the kitchen in his early teenage years, and his lifelong love for metal music, the conversation provides a unique glimpse into the work ethic and creative vision of the versatile chef and record label executive.

022 | Spencer Charnas

The Electric Theater welcomes Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas for a conversation with the clown. Exploring Charnas’ ska-punk roots and his lifelong fascination with the horror genre, the veteran musicians discuss evolving sound, stage spectacle, and how the energy of a good show makes the genre almost irrelevant.

021 | FIELDY

Fieldy of KORN joins clown of Slipknot for conversation in the Electric Theater that touches on the rigors of touring, navigating the downtime in between the chaos, and how constantly being creative is a fundamental part of their DNA. Fieldy details his current work with his project StillWell, shares what’s happening with KORN, and explains how being ‘rock-ready’ means being able to artistically multi-task.

020 | Pam Grossman

Addressing the stigma of the word and the misconceptions of the practices, author/teacher/podcaster Pam Grossman details the reality of being a witch and the magic that exists in being a conduit between the physical and invisible world.

019 | Laina Dawes

Published author, cultural commentator and professor Laina Dawes paired with the clown of Slipknot for an honest conversation about identity, adversity, and ultimately finding solace in music in what has become an especially uncertain world. Sharing their personal experiences, both good and bad, the duo find common ground in challenging the expectations and thriving outside of the confines of the general pubic considers typical. The highly personal conversation examines counter culture from an intellectual perch.

018 | Elliott Sloan

Big air skater Elliott Sloan drops in on the latest installment of The Electric Theater with clown of Slipknot to discuss the completion of his mega ramp that has been years in the making, The conversation details the ups and downs of the passion project and the kind of fulfillment Sloan now gets in being able to ride what he had envisioned from the very beginning.

017 | Adam Wallacavage

Artist Adam Wallacavage began his career as a photographer for the likes of Thrasher Magazine and would eventually find his passion for sculpting. Over the course of the last two decades, he has become revered for his work making octopus chandeliers. The artist sat in for a discussion on the Electric Theater that revisits his earnest beginning, his earliest inspiration, and explains how art can become pretentious if it’s missing authenticity.

016 | Roger Gastman

Connecting with filmmaker, publisher, and graffiti culture historian Roger Gastman, clown explores the subversive origins of the art and unwritten rules that maintain the integrity of the craft. As both an artist and a vandal, Gastman details his passion for the culture and how his thirst to learn while participating resulted in a unique expertise that cemented a career rooted in credibility.

015 | Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen connects with clown of Slipknot for a conversation in The Electric Theater that covers everything from Saturday Night Live to how the pandemic has transformed reality. Exploring the parallels of performing in a band and performing as an actor, the two share their personal experiences and find common ground in their appreciation of art, the value of communication, and the ability to geek out when talking drums.

014 | Corey Taylor

The latest installment of The Electric Theater translates like a long ride on the tour bus between collaborative brothers and bandmates, clown and Corey Taylor. Discussing Taylor’s solo debut, their shared love (and distaste) for various movies, and the concept of exploring their many avenues of creativity, the casual conversation between two of rock’s larger than life figures brings into focus a truly unique connection.

013 | Tim Doyle (Illustrator + Print-Maker)

The latest entry of The Electric Theater pairs Slipknot’s clown with renowned illustrator Tim Doyle. Exploring concepts like influence, originality, and integrity as it pertains to art, the two conclude that the best contributions are the ones that find the balance of artistic vision and creative spine.

012 | Nora Vasconcellos (Professional Skateboarder)

Professional skateboarding sensation Nora Vasconcellos and Slipknot’s clown convene in the latest installment of The Electric Theater. In what becomes a very personable, endearing conversation, the two discuss what it’s like to have big aspirations in a small town, the perseverance to see their ambitions through, and how starting late is better never starting at all.

011 | Albee Layer (Pro Surfer)

Competitive surfer Albee Layer joins clown of Slipknot for a conversation about chasing adrenaline and finding the full human potential in the latest episode of The Electric Theater. Though worlds apart professionally, Layer and clown find common ground in dodging the dangers of their chosen career and devoting themselves completely to the pursuit of perfecting their craft.

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