040 | Bryan Garris (Knocked Loose)

The latest episode of clown’s Electric Theater was a meeting of old school and the new.

Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose sat in for a discussion with the clown as the two traded their musical experiences and found common ground. With Garris essentially at the start of his creative journey, and clown immersed in the culture for literally decades, the notion of mentorship seemed to translate in the conversation.

Sharing stories about the earliest days of their bands to the evolution of touring and facing some of the same obstacles, both clown and Garris are on the same path, only that clown has the ability to caution Garris of the pitfalls that are ahead. He was also able to encourage Garris to stay the course and not succumb to the games that people will try and play. The discussion was one that bridged generations in a way that was casual, sincere, and important for the culture of heavy music.

Watch the complete conversation with Bryan Garris and clown on the latest Electric Theater below.

Knocked Loose’s ‘Live from the Blue Room Livestream’ Friday May 14th – https://knockedloose.live/

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