039 | Max Cavalera

The incomparable Max Cavalera sat in fo a conversation with the clown on the latest episode of the Electric Theater and the discussion was as legendary as metal fans might expect.

Less like an interview and more like a backstage conversation capture on film, the guys started way back in 1999 when Max fist met clown at a Slipknot show that Max attended as a fan. From there the exchange branched out into collection of cool stories from two industry veterans and the guys even managed to discuss Max’s latest project he started with his son as a result of Covid in Go Ahead and Die.

Spending a healthy amount of time discussing the importance of family and how that looks like for a touring musician, the guys shared a sincere mutual respect for one another that really seems obvious as the conversation progressed. Both are family men, both are respected contributors to the culture of metal music at large, and both have a profound love for their craft such that they have made it their life’s work. The parallels make for a compelling conversation that makes the hour long podcast fly by.

Stream the latest episode of The Electric Theater with Max Cavalera below.

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