038 | Tom Wagner (Space Scientist)

For the latest edition of The Electric Theater, clown changes directions and welcomes renowned space scientist Tom Wagner for a very weighty, albeit optimistic discussion about science, climate change, and how humanity has shown it’s ability to be resilient before.

Spending much of his career doing research in the polar regions, Wagner’s understanding of climate change, global warming, and the melting the ice caps afford him a unique perspective that he manages to explain in very practical way. Skipping the language specific jargon that often loses most people, Wagner’s ability to articulate the problem and the pending fallout underscores the urgency of the issue that will affect all of humanity.

Despite the complexity of the problem, Wagner also exudes a sense of optimism about humanity’s ability to not only adapt but to find ways to mitigate the problem of CO2 emissions and global warming. Referencing the creation of sewage systems, Wagner explains that there have been universal problems that have plagued mankind before and people found a way to adapt and eventually overcome.

Detailing incredible natural wonders like active volcanoes under ice and landscapes that have not seen rainfall or erosion in 12 million years, the scientist’s excitement for his work is infectious. Stream the illuminating discussion with Tom Wagner of NASA on the latest installment of clown’s Electric Theater below.

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