036 | Murphy Quint (Cedar Ridge Head Distiller)

Among the many creative outlets of M. Shawn Crahan, one of his most passionate remains the production of Slipknot’s Iowa No. 9 whiskey. Working exclusively with Cedar Ridge, the facility’s history dates back to the prohibition era, as the distillery was the first to open in Iowa when the moratorium on alcohol was lifted.

That kind of deep-seeded connection to Iowa reverberates throughout the latest episode of clown’s Electric Theater, where head distiller and director of operations for Cedar Ridge, Murphy Quint, guests for an in-depth conversation with the clown. Getting into the nuanced process of making whiskey, both clown and Quint share their love for the complexity in the craft, from the aging process to the experimentation that happens prior.

The guys also get into the importance of Iowa and how the region factors into quality of the juice – whether it is the variation in climate or the quality of ingredients that comes from Iowan soil, the state remains very near and dear to both artists and it’s evident in each of their respective crafts.

The conversation also manages to explore interesting parallels between making music and making whiskey. Each involve years of continued refinement, remaining a student and always studying, and the patience to wait until everything is just right before sharing it with the world – not to mention the gratification that comes with finally being able to share it.

Whiskey, music, and the love for Iowa are all on deck for the latest in the conversation series with clown on the Electric Theater with special guest, Murphy Quint of Cedar Ridge. Stream the exchange below.

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