035 | Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies)

As half of the heavy tandem of Butcher Babies, Carla Harvey has earned her stripes as one of rock music’s most commanding front women. With a career spanning more than a decade, the vocalist has established a track record with a discography some three albums deep, with a fourth LP currently in the works.

In addition to her legions of fans the world over and a catalog of contributions to the culture of heavy music, Harvey has spent years working as a grief coach, particularly, as an end of life specialist. Assuming the very specialized role of helping people navigate significant loss, Harvey’s skill set is truly unique, and one that is necessary for people when they are most vulnerable.

Serving as the nexus of the conversation, Harvey’s visit to the Electric Theater with clown naturally kicks off with an in-depth discussion regarding death. For clown, the concept of death is something that has not only fascinated him from a very young age, it is also something that has permeated throughout his career as an artist. While it’s a reality that everyone endures universally, the variation in how people deal with it is what makes for such a compelling discussion.

The hour-long video conversation not only delves into common denominator of death but more importantly the power of grief. Harvey explains how people can apply practical means of transforming significant loss into meaningful ways of achieving closure and ultimately turning pain into something productive. The exchange reaches a uniquely broad audience in a way that treats weighty subject matter with compassion and a real sense of humanity.

Stream the video installment of clown’s Electric Theater below.

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