034 | Perry Farrell

The conversation series helmed by clown of Slipknot in the Electric Theater made its proper return to regular programming with the addition of a video component to the weekly podcast. 

For the first installment back from a brief pause, clown resumed his series in welcoming pioneering Jane’s Addiction frontman and Lollapalooza architect, Perry Farrell. The conversation featured two of music’s most tenured veterans trading talking points in a comprehensive discussion that touched on art, individuality, and the period of healing that needs to happen in the post pandemic era. Using Farrell’s unparalleled body of work as the catalyst for the discussion, the two shared how art and life play off of one another and how wisdom, age, and experience go hand in hand. 

As creative contributors and professional contemporaries, both clown and Farrell share not only a mutual respect for one another but also a unique understanding on a peer level of the rigors associated with being a touring musician, a festival creator, and now, an elder statesmen in their respective circles with a sense of responsibility to their surrounding communities.

The dynamic between the two influential artists makes for an iconic exchange that transcends both generational and genre divides in what truly is a watershed moment in the ongoing run of the Electric Theater series. Stream Perry Farrell on clown’s Electric Theater below.  

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